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One Problem. One Solution. One Million Experiences.





Our Vision, Mission and Values


Deserve the natural preference of customers being a reference in the quality of the services we provide. Eureka Medical  recognizes itself as a reference entity in the strategic areas of differentiation, which is why it guides its activity towards change, providing the population with the most advanced assistance, in a logic of global and integrated care, throughout life



Improve the quality of diagnosis and care in the area of cardiovascular health.

Provide well-being through a high quality service, according to the best practices in the provision of health care obtaining the trust and commitment of our customers, employees and , creating value for partners. We believe that only by offering security and an unwavering sense of commitment, we can successfully carry out our mission. 

Values - Compromise

Ensuring that the client is always in first place: to privilege a personalized relationship, to listen and to respond to concerns and needs, always offering a humanized service, based on high standards of ethical behavior, delicacy and respect for others.



Put passion, innovation and creativity in what we do, contributing to develop the best solutions, products and services and achieve the best results, exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees and partners.


Valuing People 

Improve people's quality of life through technology.



To ensure the future: to continuously achieve the best indicators in order to fulfill our mission, ensuring the present and sustaining our future development.


Our Services


Given the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19, we have implemented telephone consultations. These consultations will allow you to speak with a doctor for 15-20 mins just as with a general consultation, to address any of your medical concerns from the comfort of your home. *Please note payment is collected prior to your appointment*
Full fee paid in advance – €20
Price: €20


In order to receive a prescription script from the doctor, you must first have a general consultation. This allows the doctor to assess your condition and make a decision on whether he/she feels medication will help.

Minimum Booking Fee – €25


For services related to business audit, business to business services and software,
please get in-touch with us via email or telephone.

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